When only a few teeth are pulled out, a fixed type treatment using two natural teeth on each side is applied. This treatment requires cutting a little from healthy teeth on both sides. But the results of this treatment, known as "bridge" are quite satisfying. Once implanted teeth get assimilated into the natural teeth,  they are quite similar to real ones.

Next, in the case of many teeth being pulled out, detachable dentures are adopted. When all of the teeth are removed, full dentures are used. Unfortunately these dentures leave a sense of a foreign body.

However, with the improvement of living conditions, the desire to pursue more pleasant activities is getting stronger. A pleasant life without health is meaningless. It is very natural that we strive for the best in healthy when it comes to our health.

In this regard, recent dental science has accomplished a great revolution by developing long awaited treatments that do not require a cutting of the leftover natural teeth and treat natural teeth after many teeth are removed.

This treatment is called implants. Implants are more advanced teeth than dentures. But this practice requires precise examinations such as patient indication, or general physical check-ups etc., as they go with surgery.

In spite of that, in the 21st century's senior society, this treatment might achieve the ideal of modern dentistry, which is that natural teeth are being used for good talks over meals and keeping one's youthful appearance.