When abandoned after the tooth removal, adjacent teeth of the lost tooth and the opposite tooth tend to move towards the space where the tooth used to be, disrupting the relationship of the chewing sides of the teeth (occlusion).


It makes chewing food difficult and food debris is likely to get stuck between the leaning teeth. This results in being the cause of general oral disease such as tooth decay and periodontal diseases and it also affects the joints of the jaw (TMJ : Temporomandibular Joint) and produces TMJ disorder.

Besides, the front teeth loss not only gives an unpleasant look, but brings about inaccurate pronunciation which hinders personal relations. It can especially plague children who are laughed at by peer groups and become withdrawn.

Considering all these factors, problems caused by missing teeth are not simple at all but so complex and serious that if you neglect appropriate treatment, you will face huge treatment bills as well as other side effects in the future.

Therefore, it is rational to have a restoration right after tooth removal, as it takes about one month for gums to heal from the missing teeth.