Before pregnancy and childbirth

After one gets married with blessings from others, one naturally thinks of pregnancy and childbirth. There may be not a few people who think they don't need any more dental visits for the time being as they already received treatment before marriage.
But when they don't keep taking care of their teeth properly even after treatment, they are likely to have tooth decay or gum troubles. Especially during the pregnancy, disrupted balance of hormone makes a pregnant woman  vulnerable to gingivitis and dental cavities. Because of morning sickness at the early stage of pregnancy, she tends to neglect proper brushing and abandons the poor hygienic mouth.
During pregnancy it is desirable to brush more thoroughly than before.


Pregnancy gingivitis

Most pregnancy gingivitis appears at the start of pregnancy, naturally heals and disappears after the childbirth. It is hard to pinpoint what causes such disease but some say it's related to endocrine hormones like the increase of estrogen (hormones) and others say it's from a poor hygienic mouth due to morning sickness during the pregnancy.
Whatever the cause is, the best dental care for pregnancy gingivitis is to clean the mouth by brushing and to remove dental plaque or dental calculus.


Tooth decay during pregnancy

A poor hygienic mouth due to morning sickness is considered to be the first cause of tooth decay. In addition, an acidified mouth caused by the change of hormones and ph in the saliva or the lack of vitamins are also presumed.
So it is also important to keep the mouth clean as in the case of gingivitis.
After the intake of sweet foods or snacks, brushing is necessary.


Pregnancy tumor

A pregnancy tumor sometimes shows up when unbalanced endocrine hormones during pregnancy bring about an unusual proliferation of some part of the gums, which grows into a tumor-like mass. It usually appears in upper or lower front teeth (incisors) and tends to appear in the same place over and over.
Even for the benign disease that doesn't require too much concern, getting professional advice is desirable.
Besides this, during pregnancy, a variety of changes come up in one's mouth.
Therefore it is worthwhile to note that stepped-up oral hygiene and leading a regular life are as important concerns as the baby in your body.