endodontic treatment

As tooth decay progresses, through the pulp pores bacteria forms pus at the root apex. Root canal treatment is the removal of inflamed pulp with a tool, repeatedly irrigating the region at the root apex through the pulp pores, and finally sealing it with an artificial material after inflammation disappears.

This picture shows pus that turns up at the root of the teeth.
In many cases, the root of a molar is parted into two or three pieces.
The treatment is so complicated that it requires a lot of time and patience.
However, once the treatment is successfully completed, your important teeth don't need to be pulled out and can be used for a long time.
It is recommended that after the treatment patients receive an orthodontic screening (X-ray test) every six months and have the current state of his or her treated tooth evaluated.
A treated tooth is very fragile and easily chipped like a dead tree. It needs to be protected by crowning. Metal is used for crowning molars and ceramics are used for front teeth (incisors).